Dr Sam Hoste, the owner and founder of Quantech Solutions has provided consultancy and worked in food supply chains since the early 1990’s. During this time we have worked with clients to improve their understanding their ‘value streams’ to improve profitability for all.

We believe that Whole Chain initiatives that involve people and companies from the different parts of the chain will improve understanding of each other, enhance collaboration and improve the whole chain's competiveness and hence profitability.

Quantech Solution’s service focus is

  • local food producers and small to medium food processing companies. Our aim is to enable your business to meet the requirements of your customers and retailers and to develop successful business opportunities.
  • to help Regional Food Groups, food hubs and producer groups to develop and learn from collaboration.

We can help your business on your route to market.

We work with clients to develop their business strategy. We realise that everyone is different and they have different goals. We help you exploit your Unique Selling Points.

We have Associates who have substantial commercial experience who can help you source raw materials and perform the necessary QA; choose a processor,  manufacturer or packaging company to work with. We can help undertake product and process development, advise on quality and hygiene systems, food safety, food and food labelling legislation.


We can help develop you develop your business marketing plan – where are you going to market your produce and what other avenues can your business exploit.

Cash: how is your strategy and marketing plan to be financed? We can help develop budgets and in applications for grants.

In developing a sustainable company we can help in New Product Development and encourage a Total Innovation Focus.